VoIP Features

Advanced Call Forwarding – Call forwarding allows you to redirect calls to a third-party destination such as a phone number or extension. Qzip offers multiple options for call forwarding, allowing you to specify forwarding conditions.

Anonymous Call Rejection – The anonymous call rejection service allows you to reject calls with an unknown or unclear origin.

Attendant Console – Attendant console is a web portal that allows you to monitor the real-time telephone status of employees to view user information and determine who is available, busy, or away from their desk.

Auto Attendant – An auto attendant allows a caller to be presented with an audible greeting which offers the caller options to select. (i.e. “Thank you for calling. Press 1 for sales, or 2 for support.”) This is highly configurable and includes direct to voicemail, call-outs to mobile phones, and more.

Busy Lamp Field – Busy lamp field allows you to monitor the call status of another user in your company. Different call statuses including idle, incoming call, on a call, or call on hold are represented by a color-coded line key light on most phone models.

Call Me Now – Call Me Now allows a customer or client to click a web-based link or icon that will call out to the number the customer or client provided then connect them to you. This will allow your customers or clients to easily be connected by the click of a button on your website.

Call Parking – Call parking allows you to place an active call into a “parking lot.” Others can easily retrieve this call.  Parking a call immediately frees up the phone.

Call Recording – Call recording service allows you to record your incoming and outgoing calls for review and training purposes.

Call Return – The call return feature calls back the last party that called you. This occurs after you have dialed a call return feature access code on your phone.

Call Waiting – Call waiting allows you to receive calls while already actively engaged in an alternate call. When an incoming call is received while you are already on a call, you will be notified of the new call through a call waiting tone and/or visual display representation.

Caller ID – The caller ID feature gives you the ability to see the name and number of an incoming call. Alternatively, your name and number can be represented on the caller ID of the person you are calling out to.  Outbound caller ID is also fully customizable.  Give the appearance of calls generated from the name and number of your choice.

Click-to-Call – Simply clicking a phone number in your web browser or email footer will dial out from your desk phone or softphone without the need to dial.

Conference Bridge – The conference bridge feature allows you to connect a large amount of people into a conference call. You receive up to one free conference bridge with your Qzip account, and have the option to add conference bridges to your account for an additional fee.

Custom Ringtones – The custom ringtones (aka ringback) feature allows your customers or clients to hear a music file of your choice, as opposed to ringing, when they call you.

Dial-by-name Directory – The dial-by-name directory feature allows incoming calls to reach a specific person in your company by dialing their first or last name using the keypad on the phone.

Directed Call Pickup – Directed call pickup allows you to answer a call that is ringing to someone else’s line. This is possible after dialing the directed call pickup feature access code and the extension of the user who is receiving the call.

Do Not Disturb – Do not disturb allows you to ignore incoming calls to your phone. After pressing the DND button, the caller would be redirected to your voicemail or the destination you have specified for calls that are not answered.

Group Paging – The group paging feature allows you to initiate a one-way call to multiple users. This feature allows you to broadcast information to a group of people from the convenience of one phone call.

Hoteling Guest – Hoteling allows a user (guest) to sign into an alternate user’s phone (host) to make and receive calls so that it appears they are making and receiving calls from their own phone. The Hoteling host is required to be an enterprise level user, but hoteling guests can be any level of user.

Hunt Group – The hunt group feature allows you to dial one phone number or extension and have it ring multiple users within that group. Hunt groups can be set to ring the users simultaneously, in a specific order, or by a designated priority.

Music on Hold – Music on hold allows your customers or clients to hear customized music while they are waiting on hold.

Pre-Alerting Announcement – The pre-alerting announcement feature allows you to play an audible greeting for incoming calls before your phone starts to ring. This could be used to inform customers of promotional offers, that your calls are being recorded, or any other information you want the caller to hear before speaking to you.

Privacy – The privacy feature allows you to exclude yourself from dial-by-name or extension dialing settings. It also allows you to prevent your phone status from being available to other users.

Professionally Recorded Greeting – Qzip offers a full-service voice work by trained voice actors created in a professional recording studio.  We can help you write your IVR script or professional business greetings, and help find the right voice for your company. Qzip is happy to provide professional voice work for an additional fee.

Push To Talk / Intercom – Push to talk allows you to call another person in your company, causing their phone to automatically answer. This allows you to immediately start a conversation with someone, like on an intercom.

Qzip Anywhere – The Qzip Anywhere feature allows you to connect your calls to any external number, such as a cell phone, and allow your cell phone to ring with your desk phone. You can also dial out from your cell phone and have the caller ID represent that the call is coming from your desk.

Qzip Mobile App – The Qzip App combines voice and video into a single application that you can access from your desk phone, computer, or mobile device.

Selective Call Acceptance – The selective call acceptance feature allows you to set up conditions that must be met before a call can come through to your phone. You can set conditions for certain phone numbers or specific times of

Shared Call Appearance – Shared call appearance will allow multiple phones to have your line assigned to them. This will allow you to make and receive calls from your line at multiple locations. You can also apply someone else’s line in your company to your phone to make and receive calls as them.

Silent Call Monitoring – Silent call monitoring allows managers to monitor phone calls between your employees and customers.

Three-Way Calling – The three-way calling feature allows you to make a three-way call with two other parties. This would allow all three parties to communicate with each other simultaneously.

Unlimited Virtual Faxing – Virtual faxing allows you to send fax messages securely through your PC, tablet, mobile device, or fax machine. You receive one free unlimited virtual fax number with your Qzip account, and you have the option to add additional virtual fax numbers to your account for an additional fee.

Voicemail to Email Messaging – The voicemail to email messaging feature allows you to set up an email address to where your voicemail messages can forward. It will allow you to listen to your voicemail messages directly from your computer or other portable device.