Agent Edition

Agent Edition

Key Features

  • Queues management
  • Agent status
  • Real time statistics
  • Quality of Service
  • Instant text messaging
  • Outlook integration
  • Dynamic Agent login
  • CRM integration
  • Alerts / Threshold
  • Browser integration
  • SoftPhone client
  • Agent assistance

Key Benefits

  • Minimize costs of your of your Call Center operations with gloCOM. Now less agents can manage more work – quality work!
  • Minimize overloading chances of all your Agents. gloCOM is capable to manage huge amount of calls and distribute workload equaly.
  • Minimize idle states by optimizing workload. gloCOM gives you a way to control your agents states and keep them in the game.
  • Maximize quality of service your agents are able to provide. gloCOM gives the edge that agent needs to perform on a top level.
  • Maximize productivity of your entire staff thanks to a most complete set of features implemented in a most comprehensive way.
  • Maximize profit your Call Center generates without making significant investments or increasing a number of agents.
  • Organize connections in gloCOM interface, make calls with a single click, monitor other agents status and much more.
  • Organize data straight from gloCOM interface through CRM integration, notes and other relavant tools.
  • Organize work to the deatails including incoming calls, queues, agent tasks, brakes, etc. with gloCOM Agent and Supervisor.

General info

  • gloCOM offers unmatched communication capabilities for your entire company. Our Office Edition provides core Unified Communications, while retaining the familiar office phone system usability.
  • gloCOM is offered in Office, Business and Call Center editions.
  • gloCOM is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Available Versions: Office,  Business, Agent, Supervisor
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