The top 6 reasons to consider outsourcing your IT department to Qzip

The primary driver behind small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) choosing to outsource their Information Technology (IT) department is almost always cost-related.  Let’s face it, talented technical people are not cheap, and they can he hard to find and ever harder to keep.  In case hiring them is not difficult enough, keeping IT professionals engaged and happy has been equated to herding cats!  Who needs that kind of headache, right? Of course, putting your entire IT responsibility in the hands of a third party is not always as easy as it sounds.   When evaluating your options take great care in this important business decision, and make sure you understand the risks vs. rewards for outsourcing.  In this article, we’ll look at some of the pros to outsourcing your IT department to Qzip.

You might be thinking that you don’t need IT to run a successful business, think again.  Your IT department, however small, is a complex environment of computer hardware, software, telephony, websites, merchant networks, Wi-Fi, and internet access that allow you to perform important business functions such as accounting, customer relationship management, email, and other day-to-day business document creation.  Your company’s success depends on it being able to use these functions reliably and efficiently.  For example, something as simple as taking and fulfilling customer’s order can use every one of these components.  How long can your business operate without any one of these important functions?  Additionally, you must be able safely and securely handle the private and financial data of your customers.  Keeping these processes protected requires many back-end functions that need to be handled with care, kept virus-free, backed up regularly, and these processes need to be monitored and maintained.

Here is a list of the top ten reasons why outsourcing your IT department to Qzip might be one of the wisest business decisions you’ll make this year:

  1. Controlling Costs

When you outsource your organization’s IT functions to Qzip, you can control costs by paying a set monthly budgeted fee, so you know each month what your IT expenditures will be, without having to deal with unexpected or hidden costs that may otherwise fluctuate from month to month.  You are also able leveraging economies of scale, lower cost structures, and learned efficiency and expertise. When you must fund and manage your own IT department, bills can add up fast, some aspects of IT like securing your customers financial information is priceless. Qualified IT professionals must maintain their level of expertise, which mean you will need to send them away from training regularly, and they need to be adequately compensated in plan on keeping them.

Additionally, Qzip offers cloud-hosted services where you can rent hardware such as servers, located offsite somewhere safe and monitored on a continual basis, which substantially lowers your total IT investment, as well as reducing costs associated with risk of losing data, or worse, your data ending up in the wrong hands.  All hardware has expiration date.  At some point, performance will deteriorate, and the likelihood of failure will increase.  About every 3 years, you will need to replace desktop and server hardware, and in the meantime, perform regular security and feature updates.  Cloud-hosted services allow you to control, predict, and share these costs.

  1. Putting Business First

Whether you are a law firm, a medical or dental office, a freelance engineer, an accountant, or construction company, or a non-profit charity, your core competencies likely do not include information technology.  Every company, whatever the size, needs to focus on the highest value initiatives about profit to survive, and outsourcing with Qzip will allow you trade time otherwise spent on non-core IT activities toward activities that provide a much greater return on investment.  By allowing the qualified professionals at Qzip to manage your IT, your valuable time and resources can be invested in keeping your customers happy and growing your business.

  1. The Right Technology

Qzip offers world-class knowledge and experience to your organization on a regular and continual basis.  With Qzip as your IT department, you will receive access to technologies, know-how, and tools that may have been previously out of reach or not yet known to you. These tools include best practice procedures, processes, documentation, and structured methodologies.

Additionally, Qzip invests a great deal in our engineers, ensuring they maintain skillsets and engage in the continuing needed to keep them up-to-date with the latest technologies.

Also, Qzip has a wide variety of IT professionals with different and unique skill sets, resulting in a great deal of coverage, and the ability to think and work outside the box when needed.  While trying to maintain your own IT staff, you may end up not having the coverage needed for business continuity, giving a non-owner or partner too much power over your business, and be simply limited to the expertise of just a few people.

  1. Around the clock Monitoring

Even if you do have a knowledgeable, qualified IT staff, it may not be feasible or reasonable to expect them to monitor your IT environment around the clock. Qzip has both the tools and the staff needed for 24/7/365 monitoring, incident, problem, and change management.  Our engineers can foresee serious issues with your IT environment and can fix them preemptively, before it affects your business.  Are your servers more than three years old? Are you using an operating system that is no longer supported?  There may be multiple single points of failure in your current environment that you are not even aware of.

Qzip takes seriously day-to-day tasks such as software and security updates and patches, anti-virus definitions, data backups, and inventory auditing and control.

  1. Minimize Business Interruption

Qzip will help keep your business running smoothly, by maintaining and monitoring your well-designed IT environment with automation and precision.  Qzip will ensure backups are happening, patches are being pushed out, and inventory is audited and maintained to minimize the risk of business interruption.

Qzip utilizes the latest monitoring technology and is standing by ready to act quickly to prevent downtime when unpredictable circumstances occur, such as backup or hardware failures, data corruption, software crashes, or virus/malware intrusion.  A small in-house IT staff may not be prepared to act quickly enough to prevent downtime, which could put your business or your client’s data at risk.

By choosing Qzip, you will have access to proper IT architectural planning, ensuring wise investments and a minimal technology footprint.  Gaps in the knowledge your own IT staff may result in bad investments, or connectivity or compatibility issues, which can eat away at business efficiency and profits.

  1. Strategic Planning

Qzip has been helping clients grow their businesses for nearly 30 years.  We have worked with all types of companies and in all types of industries, as understand well the importance of keeping current with the latest technology, but also ensuring each technology decision needs to result in an investment in an overall strategy for business growth, and not an expense for an unneeded or dead-end technology. We achieve this by evaluating your company’s growth and IT needs, then giving sound advice on how best to help make IT a business driver that will help you realize your company’s goals.

Technology changes constantly, and with so many options, it can be difficult to ascertain and anticipate which technologies your business may benefit most from in the future, or how those decisions will later translate into dollars.   Partnering with Qzip will help replace uncertainty with predictability.

Why you should call Qzip today

There are many more reasons to begin your journey with Qzip, these are just six.  With Qzip helping you to lower overall IT-related business costs, you will have more time and money focus on growing your business and servicing your customers.  Qzip can predict, prevent, and respond with haste to resolve serious issues that might otherwise lead to catastrophic failures and extended downtime.   By leveraging our best practices and current technology, the added benefits business from agility will help you be more competitive, and less worried about the well-being of your IT infrastructure.

Give us a call today!  We would love to talk to you about how Qzip can help you to stop worrying about your IT, and turn it into an important driver for your business.


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